2016 Ford Transit Connect Transmission Fluid Capacity and Maintenance Guide

2016 Ford Transit Connect Transmission Fluid Capacity

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If you own a 2016 Ford Transit Connect and are wondering about the transmission fluid capacity, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the transmission fluid capacity for your vehicle.

Transmission Fluid Capacity and Type

To ensure smooth operation and longevity of your vehicle’s transmission, it is essential to use the correct amount and type of transmission fluid. Here is a table outlining the transmission fluid capacity for the 2016 Ford Transit Connect:

Transmission Fluid Capacity Quarts Liters
Automatic Transmission 9.2 quarts 8.7 liters
Manual Transmission 2.8 quarts 2.6 liters

Automatic Transmission Fluid

For vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission, it is crucial to use the recommended type of transmission fluid. In the case of the 2016 Ford Transit Connect, the manufacturer recommends using Mercon LV automatic transmission fluid. Using the wrong type of fluid can lead to poor performance and potential damage to the transmission.

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Manual Transmission Fluid

If your Transit Connect has a manual transmission, it is important to use the proper type of transmission fluid. Ford recommends using Motorcraft Full Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid. Using the correct fluid will help ensure smooth shifting and optimal performance.

How to Check Transmission Fluid Level

Checking the transmission fluid level is an essential maintenance task. Here are the steps to check the transmission fluid level in your 2016 Ford Transit Connect:

  1. Park your vehicle on a level surface and engage the parking brake.
  2. Start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes to warm up the transmission.
  3. Locate the transmission dipstick, which is usually labeled and has a bright handle.
  4. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.
  5. Reinsert the dipstick fully and then remove it again.
  6. Check the fluid level on the dipstick. It should be within the designated range, typically indicated by “Full” and “Add” marks.
  7. If the fluid level is low, add the recommended transmission fluid gradually, checking the level frequently to avoid overfilling.
  8. Once the fluid level is correct, securely reinsert the dipstick.
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Knowing the transmission fluid capacity for your 2016 Ford Transit Connect is essential for proper maintenance and ensuring the longevity of your vehicle’s transmission. Always use the recommended type of transmission fluid and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for checking and maintaining the fluid level. By taking care of your transmission, you can enjoy a smoother and more reliable driving experience.


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