2017 Ram 3500 Transmission Fluid Capacity: Keep Your Truck Running Smoothly

2017 Ram 3500 Transmission Fluid Capacity: Keep Your Truck Running Smoothly

When it comes to maintaining your 2017 Ram 3500, one of the most important things you can do is regularly check and change the transmission fluid. The transmission is a vital component of your truck, and keeping it properly lubricated is essential for smooth operation and longevity. In this article, we will discuss the transmission fluid capacity for the 2017 Ram 3500, as well as the type of fluid you should use.

Transmission Fluid Capacity

Knowing the transmission fluid capacity of your Ram 3500 is crucial when it comes to performing a fluid change. The table below provides the transmission fluid capacity in both quarts and liters:

Transmission Fluid Capacity Quarts Liters
6-Speed Automatic Transmission (68RFE) 17 16.1
6-Speed Manual Transmission (G56) 5.5 5.2

Now that you know the transmission fluid capacity for your Ram 3500, let’s discuss the type of fluid you should use.

Transmission Fluid Type

Using the right type of transmission fluid is crucial for optimal performance and longevity of your Ram 3500’s transmission. For the 2017 Ram 3500, the recommended transmission fluid is ATF+4 (Automatic Transmission Fluid +4). This type of fluid is specifically designed for Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep vehicles, including the Ram 3500.

It is important to note that using the wrong type of transmission fluid can lead to serious damage to your transmission. Always check your owner’s manual or consult with a qualified mechanic to ensure you are using the correct fluid for your specific model and year.

Changing Transmission Fluid

Changing the transmission fluid in your Ram 3500 is a relatively straightforward process, but it is important to follow the correct procedure to ensure a proper fluid change. Here are the general steps to change the transmission fluid:

  1. Locate the transmission fluid pan underneath your truck.
  2. Place a drain pan underneath the transmission fluid pan to catch the old fluid.
  3. Remove the bolts securing the transmission fluid pan and carefully lower it down to drain the fluid.
  4. Clean the pan and replace the transmission fluid filter if necessary.
  5. Install a new gasket on the pan and carefully reattach it to the transmission.
  6. Tighten the bolts to the specified torque.
  7. Refill the transmission with the recommended amount of ATF+4 fluid.
  8. Start the engine and let it run for a few minutes to circulate the new fluid.
  9. Check the fluid level and top up if necessary.

It is important to dispose of the old transmission fluid properly. Many auto parts stores or service centers offer recycling services for used fluids. Do not pour the old fluid down the drain or dispose of it in the trash.


Regularly checking and changing the transmission fluid in your 2017 Ram 3500 is essential for maintaining the health and longevity of your truck’s transmission. By knowing the transmission fluid capacity and using the correct type of fluid, you can ensure smooth operation and avoid costly repairs down the road. Remember to always follow the proper procedure when changing the fluid and dispose of the old fluid responsibly. Keep your Ram 3500 running smoothly and enjoy the power and reliability it was built for.

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