2008 F250 6.4 Transmission Fluid Capacity: A Guide to Maintaining Your Truck

2008 F250 6.4 Transmission Fluid Capacity

When it comes to maintaining your 2008 F250 6.4, one crucial aspect is ensuring that your transmission fluid is at the right level. The transmission fluid is responsible for lubricating and cooling the various components of your transmission system, allowing it to function smoothly. So, let’s dive straight into the details and find out the transmission fluid capacity for your beast of a truck.

Transmission Fluid Capacity and Type

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s start with the basics. The 2008 F250 6.4 requires a specific amount of transmission fluid to keep everything running smoothly. Here’s a handy table to give you the exact capacity in both quarts and liters:

Transmission Fluid Capacity Quarts Liters
5R110W TorqShift 17.5 16.6

Now that you know the capacity, it’s important to use the right type of transmission fluid. For the 2008 F250 6.4, the recommended fluid is Mercon LV. Make sure you get your hands on this specific type to ensure optimal performance and longevity for your transmission system.

How to Check and Fill Transmission Fluid

Now that you have the capacity and type of transmission fluid, let’s talk about how to check and fill it. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

  1. Make sure your truck is parked on a level surface and the engine is turned off.
  2. Locate the transmission dipstick, which is usually labeled and can be found near the back of the engine compartment.
  3. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.
  4. Insert the dipstick back into the tube completely and then remove it again to check the fluid level.
  5. Observe the markings on the dipstick. There are usually two sets of markings: one for a cold engine and one for a hot engine. Make sure you refer to the correct one.
  6. If the fluid level is below the “Add” or “Min” mark, it means you need to add more fluid.
  7. To add fluid, locate the transmission fill plug, which is typically found on the side of the transmission case.
  8. Using a funnel, carefully pour the recommended transmission fluid into the fill plug until it reaches the appropriate level on the dipstick.
  9. Reinsert the dipstick, start the engine, and let it idle for a few minutes.
  10. Shift through each gear position, pausing for a few seconds in each, before returning to Park.
  11. Turn off the engine and recheck the fluid level. Add more fluid if necessary.

Remember, it’s crucial to follow these steps carefully to ensure you have the right amount of transmission fluid in your 2008 F250 6.4. Maintaining the proper fluid level will help prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your transmission system, keeping it running smoothly for miles to come.

So, there you have it! Now you know the transmission fluid capacity for your 2008 F250 6.4 and how to check and fill it. Keep your truck in top shape by staying on top of your transmission fluid maintenance. Happy driving!

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