2011 F350 Transmission Fluid Capacity: Blunt and Straightforward Guide

2011 F350 Transmission Fluid Capacity


If you’re a proud owner of a 2011 F350, it’s essential to keep your truck’s transmission running smoothly. One crucial aspect of transmission maintenance is knowing the correct fluid capacity. In this article, we’ll provide you with the blunt and straightforward information you need, without any sugarcoating. So let’s dive right in!

Transmission Fluid Capacity and Type

To ensure optimal performance, it’s vital to use the right amount and type of transmission fluid for your 2011 F350. Here’s a table that outlines the recommended fluid capacity in both quarts and liters:

Transmission Fluid Capacity Quarts Liters
6-Speed Automatic Transmission (6R140) 17.5 16.6

Fluid Replacement Procedure

Now that you know the correct fluid capacity, let’s briefly go over the steps to replace the transmission fluid in your 2011 F350:

  1. Make sure your truck is parked on a level surface and the engine is turned off.
  2. Locate the transmission fluid dipstick, usually found near the back of the engine compartment.
  3. Remove the dipstick and use a funnel to add the recommended amount of transmission fluid, as specified in the table above. Be cautious not to overfill.
  4. Replace the dipstick securely.
  5. Start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes to allow the fluid to circulate.
  6. While the engine is still running, check the fluid level using the dipstick. Ensure it is within the recommended range.
  7. If necessary, add more fluid gradually until the level is correct.
  8. Once the fluid level is satisfactory, turn off the engine and clean up any spills or drips.
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Safety Precautions

While performing any maintenance on your vehicle, safety should always be a top priority. Here are a few crucial safety precautions to keep in mind:

  • Always wear protective gloves and eyewear to prevent any contact with transmission fluid.
  • Ensure the vehicle is securely parked and the parking brake is engaged.
  • Allow the engine to cool down before attempting any work on the transmission.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations at all times.


Knowing the correct transmission fluid capacity for your 2011 F350 is essential for maintaining the longevity and performance of your truck. By following the blunt and straightforward information provided in this article, you can confidently replace the transmission fluid and keep your F350 running smoothly. Remember to prioritize safety and always consult your vehicle’s manual for any specific instructions. Happy trucking!

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