2013 Chevy Malibu Transmission Fluid Capacity: Blunt and Straightforward Guide

2013 Chevy Malibu Transmission Fluid Capacity

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If you own a 2013 Chevy Malibu and you’re wondering about the transmission fluid capacity, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the blunt and straightforward information you need, without any sugarcoating. So, let’s get straight to the point.

Transmission Fluid Capacity and Type

To ensure the smooth operation of your Chevy Malibu’s transmission, it’s crucial to use the correct amount and type of transmission fluid. Here’s a table that outlines the transmission fluid capacity in both quarts and liters:

Transmission Fluid Capacity Quarts Liters
6-Speed Automatic Transmission 7.4 7.0

It’s important to note that these values are approximate and may vary slightly depending on your specific vehicle model and any modifications made. Always consult your owner’s manual or a certified mechanic for the most accurate information.

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Transmission Fluid Replacement

If you’re planning to replace the transmission fluid in your 2013 Chevy Malibu, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Ensure your vehicle is parked on a level surface and the engine is turned off.
  2. Locate the transmission fluid dipstick, which is usually labeled and located near the engine.
  3. Using a clean cloth or paper towel, remove the dipstick and wipe it clean.
  4. Reinsert the dipstick fully and remove it again to check the fluid level. The fluid should be within the designated range on the dipstick.
  5. If the fluid level is low, you’ll need to add the appropriate transmission fluid. Refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended type.
  6. Using a funnel, carefully pour the transmission fluid into the dipstick tube. Be cautious not to overfill.
  7. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to ensure the fluid level is within the correct range.
  8. Once the fluid level is satisfactory, securely reinsert the dipstick.
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Remember, safety is crucial when working with any vehicle fluids. Always wear protective gloves and eyewear, and be cautious of hot engine components. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable performing the transmission fluid replacement yourself, it’s best to seek professional assistance.


Now you have all the blunt and straightforward information you need about the 2013 Chevy Malibu’s transmission fluid capacity. Remember to use the correct amount and type of transmission fluid to ensure optimal performance. If you have any doubts or concerns, consult your owner’s manual or a certified mechanic. Stay safe and keep your Malibu running smoothly!


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