2016 Chevy 2500HD Transmission Fluid Capacity: A Guide to Maintenance

2016 Chevy 2500HD Transmission Fluid Capacity

If you’re a proud owner of a 2016 Chevy 2500HD, you know that taking care of your truck is essential to keep it running smoothly. One crucial aspect of maintenance is ensuring that your transmission fluid is at the right level. In this article, we’ll dive into the specifics of the transmission fluid capacity for your Chevy 2500HD, so you can keep your truck in top shape without any guesswork.

Transmission Fluid Capacity and Type

To determine the transmission fluid capacity for your 2016 Chevy 2500HD, you need to know the type of transmission you have. There are two options:

1. Allison 1000 Series Transmission:
– Fluid Capacity: 10.5 quarts (9.9 liters)

2. Hydra-Matic 6L90 Transmission:
– Fluid Capacity: 8.9 quarts (8.4 liters)

It’s crucial to use the right type of transmission fluid for your Chevy 2500HD. For the Allison 1000 Series Transmission, you should use Dexron VI automatic transmission fluid. For the Hydra-Matic 6L90 Transmission, use Dexron HP automatic transmission fluid. Using the correct fluid ensures optimal performance and longevity for your transmission.

How to Check and Add Transmission Fluid

Checking and adding transmission fluid to your Chevy 2500HD is a relatively straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you out:

1. Park your truck on a level surface and engage the parking brake.
2. Start the engine and let it idle for a few minutes to warm up the transmission.
3. Locate the transmission dipstick, which is usually labeled and located near the back of the engine compartment.
4. Remove the dipstick and wipe it clean with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.
5. Reinsert the dipstick fully and remove it again to check the fluid level.
6. The dipstick will have markings indicating the “Full” and “Add” levels. Ensure that the fluid level is within this range.
7. If the fluid level is low, you can add transmission fluid through the dipstick tube. Use a funnel to avoid spills.
8. Add small amounts of fluid at a time, checking the level frequently to avoid overfilling.
9. Once the fluid level reaches the appropriate range, reinsert the dipstick securely.

Remember, safety is paramount when working with your vehicle. Always follow proper safety precautions, such as wearing protective gloves and eyewear. If you’re unsure or uncomfortable performing this task, it’s best to consult a professional mechanic.


Knowing the transmission fluid capacity for your 2016 Chevy 2500HD is crucial for proper maintenance. By following the guidelines provided and using the correct transmission fluid, you can ensure that your truck’s transmission stays in excellent condition. Regularly checking and maintaining the fluid level will contribute to the overall performance and longevity of your Chevy 2500HD, allowing you to enjoy many more miles on the road without any transmission-related headaches.

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